Dr. Hsing-Wen Hu has been working on developing students’ mathematical habits of mind to perceive mathematics concepts, particularly integrating technology into teaching and learning processes. He has simplified the complex framework of technology application to three components (technology functioning as replacement, amplification, and transformation), which helps mathematics educators self-evaluate their teaching effectiveness in TPACK integration. Since 2011, he has published four peer-reviewed articles, six peer-reviewed proceeding papers, and one newsletter paper. One of three peer-reviewed articles “Developing Elementary Pre-service Teachers’ Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge for Learning and Teaching Division of Fractions” was published in The International Journal of Technology and Society. This article also received the Annual International Award for Excellence for new research in the Tenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society. One of his peer-proceeding papers was published in a leading conference proceeding in the field of Education, the American Educational Research Association Conference.